Former Government Grant Officer

Panelist for Federal & State Agencies

Entrepreneurial Approach To Planning

Training & Grant Workshops

Organizational Capacity Building – To guide your organization’s board and executive staff through a self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses in current management systems. The assessment results can provide a strong basis for policy and procedure changes or requests for capacity-building and infrastructure grants.

Fund Development Strategies – To help you establish an organizational fund development plan; and provide feedback and guidance as you work to increase revenues beyond grant funding.


Currently Serving As A Grant Review Panelist for

Funding Research – To help you plan and implement a research approach that will identify the funders most likely to support your organization’s work.

Program Planning – To show you how to identify community needs and plan programs to address them.

Application Review– He’ll help you interpret application guidelines so you can prepare a compelling proposal.

Coaching for Grant Professionals – Using entertaining, yet educational PowerPoint classes and webinars to answer questions, suggest resources, provide professional advice and/or recommend avenues for continued professional development. 

 Development Consultant


Proposal Review  "Punch-up Service" - When you want a professional review of a proposal, he’ll provide written comments and suggestions. He’ll study the application guidelines and scoring criteria and offer advice as a grant panelist.